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Research Profile

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Past Research Projects Abroad

Dr. Athanassios I. Hatzis has a strong research background in clinical applications of Speech Technology. He spent ten years on research and education in top U.K universities. Most importantly he was the initiator and work-package technical leader of Ortho-Logo-Paedia (OLP) project (2.67M€, QoL, FP5) and the principal investigator of Speech Recognition for Severely Dysarthric Speakers (STARDUST) project (EUR 275000€, NEAT, NHS, U.K). Based on these projects and his PhD (Optical Logo-Therapy) Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, (assessment grade 5 / 5), founded CAST (clinical applications of speech technology), a multidisciplinary group. He has published both in Speech Technology and neurotechnology sectors in peer reviewed journals and conferences.

Software Developed Abroad

  • VAHISOM – Visualization of Articulation for the Hearing Impaired with Self-Organizing maps
  • OLTk – Optical Logo-Therapy Toolkit
  • STAPTk – Speech Technology Applications Toolkit
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