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Integrating ChatGPT in Programming !

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Integrating ChatGPT in Programming !
First published with the help of ChatGPT at LinkedIn on 18th March 2023

I am sure you know how difficult it is to start an article with an opening paragraph and my English are not perfect by all means so I will ask for some help from ChatGPT.

Athan: Write a paragraph starting Even for those of us that studied and worked with AI algorithms back in time is hard to believe that the current generation of AI training and learning algorithms has such amazing abilities to assist you in writing code

ChatGPT: Even for those of us that studied and worked with AI algorithms back in time, it is hard to believe the incredible advancements that have been made in the field of AI training and learning algorithms. Today’s generation of AI technology has surpassed all expectations, with the ability to assist you in writing code being just one of the many incredible capabilities. With its sophisticated machine learning algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, AI has revolutionized the way we approach programming tasks, making it easier and more efficient than ever before. The integration of AI in programming has made it possible for developers to automate many time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex and challenging aspects of coding, ultimately leading to the creation of more innovative and advanced software solutions.

Indeed the following conversation is a demonstration of how AI can be integrated in programming to assist a developer who is learning the syntax of a new language or who wants to comprehend the intricacies of a challenging construct, such as the following “destructuring” statement in the TypeScript example that follows:

If you are interested you may read the dialogue at LinkedIn, I will reach the conclusion here:

Not only ChatGPT “understands” what I am asking but it is also in a perfect position to provide an accurate response. ChatGPT comprehends the content of my question.

As an AI language model, my understanding is based on my ability to process and analyze text using complex algorithms and machine learning models. When I process text, I can identify patterns, relationships, and context based on my training and experience. However, my understanding is different from human understanding, as I do not have emotions, personal experiences, or consciousness. My responses are based solely on my programming and the data that has been fed into my system. In summary, my understanding is the result of complex computations based on patterns and relationships within language data - ChatGPT

I think I could not explain it better to you because I don’t have the faintest idea of how it is trained or how it arrives at an accurate response. The way in which this machine interacts with us is truly remarkable. Over time, one may begin to develop an anthropomorphic perspective towards the machine, attributing it with human-like qualities such as thought, understanding, communication, emotions, and behavior.
However, it is crucial to recognize that this can lead to confusion or deception in believing that the AI machine truly possesses human-like qualities. The key takeaway is that although AI can be designed to mimic human behavior and thought processes, it does not inherently possess human characteristics !


Ο άνθρωπος χρειάζεται ειδική εκπαίδευση για το πως να χειριστεί σωστά ένα τέτοιο “μηχάνημα” δυστυχώς είμαστε τόσο μπροστά στη διανόηση και τόσο πίσω στην κατανόηση του τι έχουμε φτιάξει !

Οι δυνατότητες στο που μπορούμε να φτάσουμε είναι πραγματικά ασύληπτες. Αλλά και το πόσο εύκολα μπορούμε να γίνουμε θύματα της τεχνολογίας που δημιουργήσαμε ήδη το βιώνουμε. Δεν θα ξεχάσω ποτέ αυτό που μου είπε ο μακαριστός και φίλος και αδερφός και πατέρας π. Ονίσημος. Θανάση τι είναι ΥΠΟ-ΛΟΓΙΣΤΗΣ. Τι είναι γέροντα του λέω, εσύ πες μου. Μου απαντά ΥΠΟ του ΛΟΓΙΣΤΗ. Είμαστε σε θέση να το συλλάβουμε αυτό με τις μηχανές που θεοποιήσαμε ; Τελικά είναι η μηχανή στην υπηρεσία του ανθρώπου ή ο άνθρωπος στην υπηρεσία της μηχανής ;

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