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Who holds power today?

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Who holds power today?

Power has been concentrated tremendously and confined in a new form of capital without any human being, Mask, Byden, whoever, can be in command of it - Yanis Varoufakis at What is money and who rules the world? | Escaped Sapiens #46 youtube cast

Yes Yanis, that is true but what you are missing to say here is that this tremendously big source of power and finance is held by a handful of families that managed to concentrate their riches and power during the industrialization of USA (1880 - 1929) and their involvement in big European wars (Napoleonic, World War One, World War Two).

They are the biggest shareholders of all big global corporations including high tech companies, central banks and stock markets. They are simply giving high orders to their global network to move the strings, digital wires, so that their puppets look alive on the scene and they keep acting behind the curtain escaping any given attention from the mass !

Is that conspiracy theory, absolutely, for those that want to hide the truth, for those that deny to see the truth and for those that are ignorant of the truth.

Are we talking about human beings, well it would have been better for these men if they had not been born…

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