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Power vs. Freedom

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Power vs. Freedom
When you really know in what world you are living in, nothing surprises you. When you have faith in God, you know why these things are happening, you know the end of the story and the beginning of a new life. But we all have the duty to stand up and fight as long as we live and we are doing this not only for ourselves, but mostly for those we care, for those we love, for our families, for our friends, for a better future, because we will never stop to hope there can be a better life.

Many of us, scientists - well educated people, realized from the beginning of this virus narrative that there are many implications hidden behind. Unfortunately very few had the courage to speak and even fewer to fight and fall in the front line. You know what front line, that line where business with profit rule, dirty politics rule, the media of hypnotism rule, sick minded renowned scientists that play the role of God rule, an elite of handful people obsessed with power and control that want to reign in everything and everyone.

It’s that world you and me are living in and we have to obey their orders for a new normalized life, supposedly for a common good cause, for the common health. A world with a completely distorted meaning of freedom, the freedom to buy and sell goods that adhere to their policies, the freedom to demonstrate your sexual perversion, the freedom to live and work in a cage, the freedom to speak only when you are allowed and say anything that is permitted, the freedom to vote those candidates they have selected for you. Gladly there are still voices out there that understand how important real freedom is and they try to speak the truth despite all the misinformation and lies that are spread around, despite the mud that is thrown to their face and the yelling from their colleagues.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, ex-chair of the COVID-19 commission for Lancet medical journal and his interview taken from Nathan Robinson in “Current Affairs” magazine of politics and culture was the reason for me to write this article. It seems there is conclusive evidence that COVID-19 virus was manufactured in a lab but most important I think is the fact that everything was planned carefully with research and experiments prior to the burst of this virus event. Here are some important extracts from this interview:

A. « I’m pretty convinced it came out of U.S. lab biotechnology, not out of nature, just to mention »
B. « a very extensive research program that was underway from 2015 onward, funded by the NIH, by Tony Fauci, in particular NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases], and it was to examine the spillover potential of SARS-like viruses »
C. « Wuhan Institute of Virology, and they were part of a joint research group that was stitched together by something called EcoHealth Alliance. And EcoHealth Alliance was the kind of marriage maker between the American scientists and the Chinese scientists. That was the vehicle for funding from the U.S. government, especially from the National Institutes of Health, and especially from Tony Fauci’s unit, the NIAID. There were years of grants, there were grant proposals. »
D. « the head of the EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, was on the World Health Organization team that actually investigated the origins of COVID and concluded that it wasn’t the lab »
E. « when the Freedom of Information Act released some of these documents that NIH had been hiding from the public, I saw that people that were attacking me were also part of this thing. So I disbanded that whole task force. »
F. « NIH was actually asked at one point: give us your research program on SARS-like viruses. And you know what they did? They released the cover page and redacted 290 pages. They gave us a cover page and 290 blank pages! That’s NIH, for heaven’s sake. That’s not some corporation. That is the U.S. government charged with keeping us healthy. »
G. « There are at least two reasons why they might be doing what t hey’re doing.

  1. the implications of that—the ethical, the moral, the geopolitical—everything is enormous.
  2. there is so much dangerous research underway right now under the umbrella of biodefense or other things that we don’t know about, that is not being properly controlled. This is for sure. »

H. “Hey, what other viruses are you guys working on? What should we know?”
« the technological capacity to do dangerous things using this biotechnology is extraordinary right now. So I want to know what’s being done. I want to know what other governments are doing, too, not just ours. I want some global control over this stuff. »

Hey, the whole world should know about these, because everyone in this world suffered greatly one way or another, as a victim of health related issues, psychological issues, social issues. You should know that especially in Greece our “totalitarian” government took the worst strictly forceful measures for the virus and their result was a complete failure. They deprived us from the freedom to walk in a street, to drive inside or outside a city, to sit in a restaurant, to work and live, to see our people in a hospital, to go to church, to attend a funeral. They scared everyone to death for years, they tried everything, all the experiments that domestic and foreign sick heads told them to do and they cynically forced them upon us directly or with indirect means, with heavy penalties, with police chasing us, with firing people from their work. If you did not have such cruelty in your country, be prepared because if people like those scums are left in power it will not take long until this scenario is played even worse in a “theater” near you.

Do not be mistaken, for me and for many others it is not any more business as usual. It is unusual to see the whole world stop doing business and stay “safe” inside their house like we have a war. Well, it is a war, a war like any other war that is fabricated mostly for profit and power and control. But the extend this “war” has taken this time is enormous, it is similar to a world war and it leads sooner or later to a real world war. Perhaps from many aspects it is better to die in a real war than to live the rest of you life in a fake world, than to live with lies.

If you are a real scientist, if you are human in nature and there is still some consciousness voice left in you whispering to tell and share the truth with others, do it. Speak the truth and share the truth so that we all become aware of the responsibility, share this responsibility we have in what is happening in front of our eyes.

On the contrary, if you belong to the party that is making a good disgraceful living out of this abomination with whatever excuse, good cause or evil purpose you have in your mind, think again. Because you might still have a chance here but absolutely no chance when your miserable life is ended and you think you will cease to exist.

Yes, the Truth is whether we like it or not, that one day, the final judgment day, we are all going to justify our actions and all our works will be revealed in public without any excuse, without any mercy - Amen.


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The interview of Prof. Jeffrey Sachs by Nathan Robinson
in Current Affairs on the 2nd of August 2022 is here

and here

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