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Geronta Ephraim’s 18 Monasteries are offering a 3-day strict fast for us and our nations

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Geronta Ephraim’s 18 Monasteries are offering a 3-day strict fast for us and our nations

Hello my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus! May our Most Beloved Panaghia embrace your dear souls, with her divine motherly affection!

The statement below is a valid one, as the sisters here at St. Paraskevi confirmed it. All of The 18 Monasteries, established by my holy Spiritual Father of blessed memory, Geronta Ephraim, today began a strict 3-day Fast, as described in the article below.

How multi blessed is our Nation and Canada for these “Lighthouses” of God’s Truth, in a society filled with darkness and falsehood! Of course, very few of us can fast as strictly as the monastics. Nevertheless, for those of us who are healthy, can we not increase our personal fasting for the next three days. But even if that is not possible, all of us can do as is stated in the last sentence of the article: “pray, pray, pray and spread the message of repentance.” Please get as many of your friends and family - and their friends and family - to join with all these dedicated monastics.

Furthermore, God willing, all 18 Monasteries will be offering daily Liturgies from November 15th through December 27th. May God grant that all of you who are not able to attend these awesome, daily Liturgies be united with them in spirit (Grant this, O Lord!).

Saturday is the glorious Feast of Panaghia’s Entrance into the Temple, at age 3 (On the Traditional Church Calendar, it is also a Major Feast: Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and all the Bodiless Powers in the heavens.). ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS: UNITE! Let us, together with the monastics in Geronta’s 18 Monasteries, send up a huge multitude of prayers to Panaghia. May our Lady receive them and send us and our Nations a blessing that words cannot describe.

Sending my poor prayers, imperfect love and fatherly embraces to each one of you in Christ Jesus,

Unworthy priest, Papa Demetri

A message from a monk at St. Anthony’s Monastery in AZ:

”We will be doing a three day strict fast, like we do at the beginning of Great Lent, starting Tuesday, 11/17… The other Monasteries will be doing it as well, as we try to pray more intensely for the state of the world and our own pathetic spiritual state. There have been multiple things that have happened recently, indicating that something very bad is potentially very close. If there is anyone who you think would like to know [about this], feel free to pass it on. Most important thing is to pray, pray, pray and spread the message of repentance.”


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I believe this message is important….

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“The mind is distorted… we cannot think clear…” therefore we have to pray and fast

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