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We do not want this normal life you prepared for us

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We do not want this normal​ life you prepared for us:

We do not want this “normal” life you prepared for us

That is a quick message to all those blind leaders that lead us to a pit. You should probably know that not all of us are blind like you and certainly we do not want to end up in the pit. We do not want your tyranny and your “protective” measures. You are destroying everything, all moral values, all ethics that generations before you straggled to build and preserve in our society. You treat us like animals because you are behaving like wild animals.

But the worst thing you do is that you are “educating” a whole new generation, our children to learn to live in fear, in strict irrational discipline, without a face. You have lost your face, your soul, your identity long time ago and you want others to become like you. Well not all of us are like you…

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