Extracts from Orthodox Fathers to reveal God’s wisdom in our life

On the Holy Trinity

All of the God’s actions towards man and the world in creation, salvation, glorification are from the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit. All of man’s capabilities of response to God are in the Holy Spirit, through the Son, to the Father - Fr. Thomas Hopko

What is God

God is not an idea, something we simply think about or talk about or read about. He is a person, with whom we come into a living and personal communion, something which we live and of whom we receive an experience - Archimandrite George, Monastery Grigoriou, Mt. Athos


God will not always save us from the storm. Sometimes He chooses to saves us in the storm - Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris


True happiness is to live for God in Christ and to know that you are infinitely and personally loved by God and that nothing in all creation – not even death – will ever be able to seperate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus - Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris


There are no hopeless situations in life ; there are only people who have grown hopeless about them - Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris


If anyone is in hell, it is not because God has imprisoned him there, but because that is where he himself has chosen to be. The lost in hell are self-condemned, self-enslaved ; it has been rightly said that the doors of hell are locked on the inside - Bishop Kallistos Ware


The greater the love, the greater the sufferings of the soul. The fuller the love, the fuller the knowledge of god. the more ardent the love, the more fervent the prayer. The more perfect the love, the holier the life - St. Silouan the Athonite

God is so real

God is so real, so immanent in Orthodox worship that He can be seen in the icon, heard in the Gospel reading, tasted in the Eucharist, touched as we kiss the icon and exchange the kiss of peace and smelled in the fragrance of incence. He can be experienced as a living God through all five senses - Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris

God’s Algebra

The truly committed Christian is the one who has crossed out the “I”. And when you cross out the “I”, you have a cross which is also a plus sign. This results in a partnership : God plus I equals We - Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris