My country has been turned into a laboratory animal for more than six years now. I would like to raise my voice for others out there that feel the same like me but perhaps they cannot raise their voice for many reasons.

I will extract this passage from Daniel Lacalle post.

“The inefficacy of subsequent Greek governments and Troika proposals is that they never tackle competitiveness and help job creation, they simply dig the hole deeper raising taxes and allowing wasteful spend to go on.”

Personally I find this almost right except one word “inefficacy”. I would replace that with “malice” or “malevolance”, i.e. it starts like that:

The malice of subsequenct Greek goverments and Troika proposals

And I am making it clear for my readers that malice here according to Google means, “wrongful intention, especially as increasing the guilt of certain offences”. Why is that? Because, they covered all the scandals, we had many in Greece as some of you know, that they committed TOGETHER against ALL the citizens in Europe. They managed to transfer American stock market crisis in Europe to absorb the impact. They protected corporations scandals and wealthy people wrongdoings instead of protecting citizens and countries in Europe. They created debts to make their no-money on hands system going on instead of job positions and prosperity opportunities. And worst of all is that they continue on the same track their unlawful strategy.

Make no mistake my friends, there are two kinds of elite people out there. Those that are ignorant of the consequences of their political, financial, etc actions and those that are fully aware and fully convinced to carry on with their plan no matter what are the casualties. For those Greek fellowmen that stand on their side, be aware that they will spit you out of their mouth once your have carried out their plans and you will be ashamed in your own country and in history. Yes it is war out there in a hidden financial garment, only that many of us are brainwashed and cannot see it and take sides. Pity on both parties Greek governments and Troika and all those at the back stage that support them to continue.

And something else to conclude this, please do not transfer your heavy responsibility load on plain European citizens shoulders. Yes, each one of us carries some responsibility because of his/her mistakes but you are the bad rulers and you create and reinforce corrupted people around you to make you feel better or to support your plans. You will be judged by your actions, whether in this life or the other, and those with truth in their heart understand well both your intentions and the consequences of your actions. Hope you regret before you depart.