A Neurosurgical Health Information System for Integration of Clinical Research and Clinical Care (pdf)

7th International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Health, Samos, July 26 2009
Athanassios Hatzis, George Stranjalis, Stergios Gatzonis, Marios Themistokleous, Lampis Stavrinou, Vassiliki Konofaou, Damianos Sakas

NeuroHEALIS System Architecture, Programming

Dr. Athanassios I. Hatzis

The components of the
NeuroHEALIS system :

Electronic Medical Record – (Screen Captures)
Scientific content and Business Logic Design -  Prof. George Stranjalis (MD)

Spasticity Database – (Screen Captures)
Scientific content and Business Logic Design -  Vassiliki Konofaou, (MD)

Parkinson Database – (Screen Captures)
Scientific content and Business Logic Design -  Marios Themistokleous, (MD)

Dystonia Database – (Screen Captures)
Scientific content and Business Logic Design -  Lampis Stavrinou, (MD)

Video demos on the functional operation of NeuroHEALIS


Additional Information :

The following diagram shows the progress on entering patient data during the working period of one year for the NeuroHEALIS system. A remarkable progress for the spasticity database was evident, 200% increase, due to the close monitoring of data completion with many reports that were produced automatically from the system. A departmental presentation for NeuroHealis running period 2008-2009 on the spasticity database revealed how beneficial was the analysis of several indexes. The graphs on this report were created from many queries that were measuring : percentage of completion on database fields, percentage of data entered by each user, and most important the frequency and the age of follow-up measurements.

Lesson to learn : It is not enough to have a health information system running, you must also have the tools to monitor the performance and the quality of the database as well as authorized personnel to supervise the data entry users for data completion.

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