Data Mining in BioMedicine 2009 Conference

Athens Information Technology (AIT), Paiania, Athens, May 7-8 2009


A Modern Neuro-Surgical Operating Room at Evangelismos General Hospital (pdf)

George Stranjalis 12, Lampis Stavrinou 1, Athanassios Hatzis 2, Damianos Sakas 12

1. Dept. of Neurosurgery, University of Athens, «Evangelismos» Hospital, Athens, Greece
2. Hellenic Neurosurgical Research Centre, «Prof. Petros S. Kokkalis», Athens, Greece


Our newly built modern operating theater is a vital addition to the refinement of neurosurgical techniques and essential to the development of minimally invasive surgery in the Neurosurgery Clinic at «Evangelismos» General Hospital. There is a constant demand for changes as we strive to improve our practices and the environment for the benefit of our patients. These changes are heralded by our new operating theater. The modern operating room requires an increasing number of new surgical instruments, monitoring and imaging devices, information systems, and communication networks. We paid attention to the integration of all these resources in order to improve the quality and efficiency of our surgical and training procedures.

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