Who is Athanassios ?

Athanassios the mortal, a.k.a Thanassis or Nassos, is a human soul that appeared on earth in the year 1969. He was born in Greece, the one and only son of John and Christina Hatzis, and was grown up at the city of Paleo Faliro. He lived in U.K. for almost ten years and returned back to his country to continue his saga. His everlasting companion is Panajota Kalamari, daughter of Fr. George and Helen Kalamaris. Two children, George and Christianna were the fruits of their love and the grace of the all merciful God bestowed on them.

Athanassios, the immortal, is another great living saint whose name unworthily the mortal bears. Thanassis is a follower of the Eastern Orthodox, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, tradition like his saint. He believes that the human soul is immortal and that we came into existence because of the immense and inexplicable love of God and the will of our parents. The beginning and the end for each one of us is the same, we originate from Him and we return back to Him. This is one’s personal saga. Spiritual immortality is a life goal for every Christian and the life of every saint is a prototype for us to follow.

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